Friday, September 07, 2007

Beware of Democracy ….

Especially if you live in the Middle East. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating totalitarianism or any kind of other repressive ways of government. God knows we have enough of that.

I like democracy…I love democracy…on the surface it looks great. Nothing beats the fact that decisions are made based on the individual decision of a majority of people. And what the majority says…goes. Simple and yet very powerful.

But, the form of democracy the world now lives is essentially flawed. Otherwise, how can you explain that “Dumbo” is president of the largest, most powerful democracy of all times and to add insult to injury “Darth Vader” is his vice-president. I am liking democracy less and less.

Now for the last six or seven years, "D&D" have been actively exporting Democracy to our neck of the woods. Hey don’t get me wrong, again on the surface it looks great, the Middle East desperately needs democracy but if we are to get the same flawed version currently “installed on the mother ship” …Thanks…we pass.

I know there has been a long time running argument that people in the Middle East cannot handle democracy or are not prepared for democracy, well if rednecks from Montana can handle democracy then anyone else on the planet can. So spare me that argument please.

There are no democracies in the Middle East. None. Israel included. There are no Moderates either. Saudi Arabia and Egypt included. Saying that the Saudi regime is moderate is like saying that Paris Hilton is a bastion of purity.
Can someone please convey a message to Condi to stop insulting our collective intelligence.

Someone not so long ago summed up the US foreign policy priorities as three major points in the following decreasing order of importance:
1- Oil
2- Oil
3- Israel

So please make your plans accordingly. Try to stay safe, relax, kick back and enjoy the show. The next three to four months are going to be really interesting.


gitanes legeres said...

so what's next then??!! (i've got the best redneck story the same context..)

Ana Min Beirut said...

what's next ?? they will reap what they sowed...they will leave and leave behind a huge mess...they will talk to the iranians and to the syrians and their influence will start waning in the area ... Only when they realize that true democracy is in their best "national" interest we will see true progress ... in the mean time I pity all those iraqi civilians ... Again for the millionth time: "el 3atra 3alli bi moutt" Allah ykhaliki ...

Ana Min Beirut said...


"Yesterday at a campaign fundraiser, Hillary Clinton criticized Vice President Cheney and called him 'Darth Vader.' Cheney denied it and said, 'Darth Vader is evil, half-machine and always wears a cape. And I don't own a cape.'" --Conan O'Brien

Marianne said...

Any political stability comes from some sort of democracy, maybe not in the political party way but if people are not allowed to have a say in how the goverments run the country then it is a dictatorship, even in western countries there is a very fine line between the democratic leader and dictator, elect or not.

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