Saturday, December 22, 2007


- “How come you are so Anti-Establishment?” she asked. “You don’t look it either!”
- “I will take the first part of your question as a compliment and the second part as an insult” I replied.
- “But that doesn’t answer my question” she quipped.
- “What do you wanna know?”
- “I wanna know how come a guy in chic clothes is so adamant on bringing the establishment down?”
- “You know for someone who is so not “interested” you have complimented me in two questions more than you have in 7 or 8 dates … I can’t figure you out!!!”
- “When did you decide I was not interested?”
- “After the third date” I said.
- “How come you kept asking me out then?”
- “I wanted to make sure that I was really intimidated by you.”
- “You are insane.”
- “It helps me live in this country … it helps me bare the nightly news …”
- “You know you have no chance with any woman by admitting to her that she intimidates you.”
- “I’m known for bad luck… But intimidation makes me feel like a man again … so I will take the trade-off.”
- “So you are not worried about your chances with me”
- “Oh … that game was over after the third date”
- “Don’t you wanna know why?”
- “Not really. It wouldn’t be fair for the one I will date after you”
- “You are really insane”
- “Well, it keeps my blood chemistry whole”
- “How?”
- “Insanity saves me from Prozac and Tranxene”
- “Don’t you take insanity pills?”
- “To cure it?”
- “Yes”
- “Nope. I am very well adjusted with it. It grows well on me. And I made my peace with it”
- “What is so intimidating about me?”
- “I can’t tell you”
- “Why?”
- “It wouldn’t be fair to the guy you’ll date after me”
- “Man!!! You really are crazy!!!”
- “Don’t be so sure about it…I need all my mental capacities to fight the establishment”
- “So you do admit that you are anti-establishment”
- “Admit!!!! Not at all my dear … I profess my anti-establishment feelings…I proclaim them”.
- “You didn’t say much about that when we were going out!!!”
- “I was too busy being intimidated by you”
- “But WHY???”
- “Can’t say” I replied. “Courtesy to the next guy”
- “Fine. Then answer me about the establishment”
- “What is it you wanna know?”
- “if anything, you look like you embody the establishment”
- “Don’t be fooled by looks. Besides, you gotta know the rules to break them…You gotta know the weak points to know where to attack”
- “You are serious aren’t you?”
- “Dead serious”
- “You seriously think you stand a chance against the establishment”
- “The establishment is not doing that well believe me … the main problem is that people are so fooled by outside appearances”
- “So if I get your drift you will fight it from within”
- “Not from within…that would be treason…let’s say that I understand how it works and what makes it tick to fight it better”
- “How?”
- “You have to beat them at their own game … You have to be a better player and beat them at their own game”
- “How can you play and beat them at their own game and not become like them?”
- “That’s why I use my insanity as a shield”
- “Oh I forgot about the insanity thing …how does it shield you from becoming like them?”
- “Well if you were dating an establishment fellow he would never admit to intimidation…he will make you believe that he is everything that he really isn’t and you will fall for it because like everybody you are fascinated by the establishment”
- “Go on…”
- “You will be so fooled by the façade and the false sense of financial security that you will end-up marrying this guy…when you finally see through the smoke screen you will have two or three kids on your knees”
- “What’s wrong with financial security?”
- “Nothing if it is not the prerequisite for the relationship to go ahead”
- “What if I make sure that there is no façade? That he is the real thing”
- “Truly loaded you mean”
- “You are such a cynic”
- “Don’t confuse cynicism with candid frankness”
- “Ok…so yeah he is loaded…and I will get involved with him”
- “Oh by all means do…Papa’s boys are so interesting to share your life with…I gotta warn you though…they have no balls…and I mean that both literally and metaphorically”
- “Oh God…we need to change subject”
- “Wait, wait…my anti-establishment feelings have nothing to do with relationships…it was you who mixed the two together… My anti-establishment feelings are purely social”
- “Oh no you are a communist?”
- “No no … I am not…God… that train passed a long time ago…communism is against human nature…”
- “So are you a capitalist then?”
- “Nope. Capitalism caters to the worst of human nature: GREED. Mark my words, capitalism will devour itself or it will end life on this planet as we know it”
- “Oh please spare me that environmental meandering philosophical bullshit”
- “I will … but remember these words next time you take your next breath of air loaded with monoxide carbon gases or you drink your water loaded with heavy metals or eat your fruits and vegetables coated with carcinogenic pesticides and herbicides”
- “Please stop”
- “No I am on a roll now … why every time you put your computer on Microsoft makes a profit? Why is my news feed controlled by Rupert Murdoch or Time-Warner? Why are my cellular calls profiting politicians? Why are we as a global community of the 21st century converging again into 19th century monopolies?”
- “Am I supposed to answer those questions?”
- “No. You just wanted to know why I am anti-establishment and I gave you the tip of the iceberg”
- “You are weird.”
- “Wow, another compliment…if you keep this up we might make this work after all”
- “Don’t get your hopes so high”
- “I know I know, we were done by the third date the rest was just research”


Katkout said...

too complicated for me, rasseh 7emeh...

Ana Min Beirut - أنا من بيروت said...

Khalli Yibroud ...and come back and finish it :P ...lameen 3am it3azab wou iktoob ana ...hein...lameen ???

Delirious said...

Ufff.... I read this now, 6 months after you posted it. Long (especially at 3 am!), but ktir 7abbeit :) (eh, eh, I exceptionally liked something you said :P)

Leafless Eve said...

Nice...... Did this actually happen? or are you like me and you imagine these conversations in your head?

p.s. nice feet delirious :)

Anonymous said...

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."
Marc Aurèle

i came across ur page by mistake, just couldn't help but to comment!

Ana Min Beirut - أنا من بيروت said...

Amen to that my friend ... As I read what I wrote about capitalism devouring itself...with these times now...Wow...the system is crumbling after all...keep pushing...

Hope said...

Dear "Ana min Beirut"

I read what you wrote almost 4 years after you have posted it... 4 years can you imagine! I have also noticed that you haven't posted anything this year... So I am not sure if u'll even see my comment. Either way, I wanted to comment(u know what they say about pursuing what u want) and it's a slow morning at work so here we are. While your prophecy about capitalism is outstanding to say the least, it was your confession to being intimidated that really struck a cord, it takes courage and loads of maturity for anyone, let alone a middle eastern man (i am assuming u are middle eastern, plz correct me if i am wrong)to admit their fears. What struck a nerve however is the fact the she did not get it, or at least did not accept it. In her defense though i say she was probably scared. Because let's face it, we have been raised for so long in the context of the establishment, leaving would mean stepping out into the unknown. And by unknown i mean oneself. To isolate yourself from everything you have known and then try and find out who u really are, what u really stand for and what u really think of the establishment, regardless of its type, is by far the scariest thing anyone can do... in a way i envy u for getting there and holding ur ground.

Sending u loads of respect and admiration. And hoping that u'll go back to writing here again. I know i will be reading for sure.

Ana Min Beirut - أنا من بيروت said...

My Dearest "Hope" (I barely know you I know & am already calling u dearest...but your words have been really endearing to me & if there is anything for me which has been long in the waiting is HOPE),
You made me read that post again after 4 years and the only thought in my mind now is an out loud "I told you so" ... as for confessing intimidation, well I find the true path to happiness is to be true to yourself and your inner feelings and what's truer than expressing your inner feelings no matter the consequences??? if u want more of the "genre" I will taker you back to 2006 and have you read this:

I hope you read arabic ya HOPE ;-) coz I don't think it gets any truer than that !!! Enjoy !!!

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