Thursday, July 27, 2006

On Cease Fires and other Wonders of the “Civilized” World.

I don’t about know you, but when I was growing up whenever a fight broke on the schoolyard or on the basketball court or after a testy session of “art dramatique”, there were plenty of do-gooders willing to break off the fighting.

They would just intervene, most of the time without even knowing the warring parties, and call on their sense of decency to stop the violence and solve whatever they are fighting about reasonably or take it to the principal, the coach or the wacko theater teacher.

I don’t recall any bystanders having the following discussion:
“Well, let Karim beat the crap out of Joe before we step in and break it off” or “When he spits his third tooth it’s time to hold them off each other”.

To my recollection that never happened, and if someone mentioned the word “Machiavelli” in front of us we thought it was a fancy Italian ice cream flavor!!!!

Now, for the last 14 days or so, we keep hearing Condi, Bolton and Tony “Boy” Blair blaring about the un-appropriateness of a cease fire now! WHAT? it is always appropriate to cease fire. Just ask the mothers, the wives or the children of the warring soldiers.

It is always appropriate to put a curb on your Neanderthalean instincts and solve issues in a civil, Homo-Erectus way. (Assuming that you people and your boss in DC have joined the Homo-Erectus era. Don’t know about Condi and Blair, but Bolty boy and GW have "Neanderthal" written on their forehead).

Why don’t you stop insulting the whole world’s intelligence and just say it like it is:
“Listen folks, we just outsourced the Israeli army to do a dirty job for us and darn it it is taking them more time than we (or they) thought, so hold your horses it is going to bang for a few more weeks because we are in deep “poopoo” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In Gaza, democracy seemingly worked and they elected a government by a landslide, but too bad it was not the one we had in mind so more “caca” for Gaza. We have been trying really hard on this “shoving-democracy-up-your … governing systems” policy and thought Lebanon would be a good model but this Siniora dude could not deliver. So we are delivering it by F-16’s if you don’t mind.”

Oh please … be my guest.

A reporter once asked Mahatma Ghandi:
“What do you think of western civilization?”
“That would be a good idea” replied Ghandi.


FreeCyprus said...

Great site, keep up the good work!

-- FreeCyprus

FreeCyprus said...

hi my friend, what part of Beirut are you in? keep posting so we know you are ok

-- FreeCyprus

Ana Min Beirut said...

Hi, thanks for checking on me. I am involved in a relief effort so I was a bit busy. I will be posting again tonight.
I visited your blog ....very thourough work ... good effort ...
stay safe and don;t worry about me, I am used to war !!!!

FreeCyprus said...

Hey I am Greek...we always worry! haha

Hang in there, stay safe, and thanks for helping those that need it.

We will pray for you and all the other innocent folks

A world of Symphony said...

stay safe and don;t worry about me, I am used to war !!!!

Still, stay safe!

Take care & God Bless.

A world of Symphony said...

Coincidentally, Joe AKL is a great friend of mine and he's stuck in Brussels with his family. Is he the same Joe, you're referring to in this post? LOL.

Once more, stay safe.

Ana Min Beirut said...

Karim & Joe are purely fictional characters. I do count a Joe among my friends but the one we have is completely "Bala Akl" :)

BTW, Jazz is my life. Who and What do you like ?

Ana Min Beirut said...

Expect an upcoming posting where I explain why I am used to War.

A world of Symphony said...

I'm mostly into JATP (Jazz at the Philharmonic) sessions, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, I'm a guitar freak so almost all sessions featuring Jim Hall, Pat Metheny Group, Mike Stern, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Kenny Burrell etc. Diana Krall, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Patricia Barber, Ingrid Jensen, only one album of The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones (New York City). There's so much to name.