Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Disclaimer …

It seems to me that a recent post I wrote has been taken too seriously and I was criticized for its contents as a professional in the field of women psychology.

Please note, that nowhere on my blog do I claim to be an expert on women issues or any other issues for that matter. Please know, I am no expert in any field. Period. And I proclaim it out loud and have no shame in admitting it. I am still learning even in my professional field in which I boast a 16 years experience but in the same time boast no expertise. Again I am still learning.

Now I started this whole blogging thing to vent off some steam that was building up in my personal life. I urge all of you who go through the pain of reading my scribbles to know two things about their author’s:
One, I am an incurable optimist. I inherently believe in the good nature of the human specie and tend to judge people from that perspective. I was taught since my early learning years to appreciate people for what they have in their minds and their hearts. I tend to appreciate more what they have in their hearts because you can always fill your mind if you have the will.
Second, I always try and look at the funny side of things. If you read my earlier postings you will notice that even during the darkest days of the July war, I was able to laugh at few issues that makes all so human and got the satisfaction of extracting a few laughs from those who read my writings.

Now, please, every time you visit my blog bear in mind that you will read about stuff that piss me off, make me laugh, or make me sad and I will always write about them sarcastically and make fun of them and not curse humanity because of it.

Please do not take that personally or judge me as person. I use that piece of the virtual world to express what I cannot express in the real world. I know it speaks volume about me as a person but again that whole experience of writing is to exaggerate and blow things out of proportion for all kinds of literary purposes.

Now, for your serious issues and stuffs which are bothering, itching, killing you. Don’t come to me for professional help or advice. I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or proctologist!!! (sorry could not resist). Now you come to me as friend and seek my advice, then expect 99% of the time that I will make you laugh about it and will laugh along with you because life is too short to hold grudges and in my medicine book laughter is the best cure.

Now let me be … I have enough shit to deal with as it is.


Maya@NYC said...

this your space. yours and yours only. we are all guests and if I keep coming back it's for the zinger's in your posts/comments.
the hard thing about written words is that it is sometimes difficult to read the person behind them. you don't see the sad eyes behind a confession, or the smile behind the advice. you see what your mind wants to see.
although the post was entertaining (to say the least), it could have been slightly out of context:
i think the real issue was a misinterpretation of intentions on both side. while i would imagine GL considered her letter as a private communication, you considered it an invitation for some AMB action.
bloggin can get tricky, i's a thin line between what's private and what's public. boundaries are not that clear.
still, in the grand scheme of things: all the protagonists will survive that glitch in blog-heaven.
keep writing. we'll keep reading.

Maya@NYC said...

(by the way: calling GL "candy" seems by all standards a misnomer, if am allowed to say this. i doubt that the real candy can hold a blog as touching and thoughtful as GL's. cheers)

Delirious said...

For what it's worth, I thought your previous post very funny, and not in the least bit offensive to women. Well, maybe to Candies, but then they'd have to look up "offensive" in the dictionary ;)

Ana Min Beirut said...

Delirious, thank you for seeing the funny side ... it has always been my intention ... offending someone is not in my repertoire, or my personality. Too bad you deleted your old blog, It was entertaining.

Delirious said...

You mean my new blog is boring??

Ana Min Beirut said...

Oh No, not at all, it is just still empty and I had started reading some of your old stuff and wanted to come back to it but lo and behold it was gone !!!
Keep writing .... Hopefully will get to meet you in the next blogger meeting.

p said...


Leafless Eve said...

Don't try to explain yourself... i've learned that people who want to judge u will do so no matter what...
You will never be able to write anything if u worry about offending people... besides, some people SHOULD be offended every once in a while :)
You just have to be an equal opportunity offender :)