Sunday, September 03, 2006

MasterCard Moments (A La Libanaise !!!)

Ordering two dozens Baba-au-Rhum from T-square for a binging fest with your friends: $48
A bottle of Dark Jamaican Rhum to make the binging more interesting: $12
Hurling 24 Baba-au-Rhums at the TV while Fares Soueid, Elias Attalah and Samir Franjieh (1) are holding a press conference: Priceless.

Having a Meza Extra dinner delivered from Diwan Al Sultan: $25
Washing it down with 1.5 Liters of Diet Coke: $1.30
Enjoying the dinner while watching Nayla Mouawad analyze the politics of the region and the fallout of the Iranian nuclear file: Brainless.

Average cost of a parliamentary election campaign: $ 1 Million
Salary of a Lebanese Member of Parliament: $4000
Hearing ANY member of Lebanese Parliament speak about the fight against corruption: Spineless.

Renting a cabriolet car for a day in Beirut: $150
Filling it up with gas: $250 !!!
Getting stuck in traffic near a diesel engine truck with its exhaust right up your nostrils: Breathless.

Calvin Klein Men's Pajamas: $85
A night at a decent Beirut hotel: $150
Claims that sit-in of Lebanese members of parliament broke the Israeli siege: Shameless.

To be continued ....

(1) Attalah & Franjieh are current "enlightened" members of parliament, Soueid on the other hand is an ex-member (Thank God !!!).


inmotion said...

haha ha ha



Jana said...

:) still as nice & funny. Dear ana min Beirut, please, keep up the good work! PS: 250$ to fill a car with gas? is this still true?

Maya@NYC said...

just wandering...was the Meza from Diwan Al Sultan Teza?

Ana Min Beirut said...

BK, Keep laughing, indeed the best medicine ...

Jana, Gas is till expensive in beirut, the good quality gas is around $20 per 20 Liters.

Kint Akeed baddik Tissf2ineh yeha saroukh Ard-Jaw ...bass akede el meza min 3ind el sultan deyman "Teza" ... Enjoy !!!

p said...

that is so funny.
by the way,did you make the mjadra that day you went to look for ingredients.
I love mjadra.

Delirious said...

Hehehehehehehhehehehe :D

Liliane said...


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